Spencer Hawes Revisited

By KeepItCavalier / @KeepItCavalier

A few weeks ago, at the trade deadline, the Cavaliers traded two second-rou


nd picks for Spencer Hawes.

I criticized the trade, and gave it a C+ given the context of not trading Varejao, Luol Deng, potentially stunting the growth of young front court players, and not tanking.

It wasn’t audacious to expect Hawes to help the chemistry, and fundamental geometrical problems with the team; there was just no way to expect him to be this good. He stat-padded his way to 13 and 9 on a team playing faster than any team since the 2007-08 Golden State Warriors! If you thought he would average 15.9-8.7-2.2-1 on 47.2/42.4/79.4 shooting, you, sir (or ma’am), are more delusional than Dan Gilbert.

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The Deadline of Cognitive Dissonance, Thanks Obama

By KeepItCavalier

I am disappointed, once again. I went in with big hopes, and that ultimately lead to my demise.Spencer-Hawes-endorses-Romney

Chris Grant spoiled me. In 2011, he picked up a lottery-pick for Mo Williams; in 2012, he picked up a first-round pick and the rights to swap first rounders the following season with the Lakers; in 2013, although it didn’t come at the deadline, he picked up what’s likely going to be a lottery pick from the Grizzlies in the near future.

When the Cavs didn’t pick up a first-round pick– or any pick for that matter– I felt cheated.

My mood skewed my view of the trade that did happen.

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Cavaliers Take Six-Game Winning Streak to Deadline

By KeepItCavalier

After firing the polarizing, controversial former Cavaliers general manager– Chris Grant– Cleveland has taken off under his successor David Griffin! They are 6-0! Six straight! Their jerseys are starting to look less like vomit and more like wine!

This is the team’s first four-plus-game winning streak since LeBron!

After watching this season-long tragedy of a team that was on the verge of entering its final act, it inexplicably turned around. It has left us sitting here, marveling at our computer screens– too jubilant to be confused– like Walt Jr. when he believed he had donations pouring in from around the world on his website. It’s too good to be true, and it’s time to peer into what’s sustainable.

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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

By KeepItCavalier

I love the trade deadline, and the anticipation might be 1000x better. It’s like Christmas for NBA fans. It’s the one time of the year I can rationalize the 45 minutes per day I spend on the NBA trade machine.

Three of the Cleveland Cavaliers' starting five, and four of their best five, have been mentioned as trade candidates.

Three of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ starting five, and four of their best five, have been mentioned as trade candidates.

This deadline should be crazy… but I say this to myself every year, and make myself susceptible to extreme disappointment.

I still like to blind myself to that impending disappointment by building up the deadline in my mind– doing a trade for each team in the league each day, and admiring the work I did to get them closer to reaching their goal.

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Chris Grant Gets The Hook

By KeepItCavalier

Chris Grant got fired following the Cavaliers’ most disheartening loss of the season to a Los Angeles Lakers team that ended the game with 4 non-fouled out, eligible players.-e0fccd49f2f69a15

A change needed to be made. Dan Gilbert had to do something. I don’t believe he fired the right guy, and I think the 4 years and $20 million Gilbert guaranteed to Mike Brown played a role in whether or not he would decide to start writing him unreciprocated checks for the next few years after just over half a season of service.

In his press conference, Gilbert was asked repeatedly about his decision to fire Grant instead of Brown. The more he was asked variations on this question, the more insecure, vague, and contradictory he sounded. He supported the team Grant built, claiming the talent was there.

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In Defense of Dion Waiters

By KeepItCavalier

Around the league, and even within Cavaliers circles, there seems to be an image of Dion Waiters– the incorrigible, selfish gunner– that, while based on bad tendencies, is completely overblown.6685494

It all started when Waiters got picked 4th overall in the draft, much to the chagrin of NBA fans. People have blasted his low shooting splits, basketball IQ, draft position, ball-dominant style, defense, and questionable fit with Kyrie Irving since day 1.

While he still falls asleep on defense, can hold the ball for too long, could raise his free throw percentage, and become a better off-ball player, he has made significant strides and doesn’t deserve nearly the amount of criticism he receives.

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The Cavs Are Not Good.

I was ambivalent about the Cavs’ direction heading into last night’s game against the Knicks. Sure, they went 1-4 over a homestretch in which they could have easily changed the complexion of the season by winning just three of these very winnable games.

Maybe they hit a funk. I don’t know. But then the Cavs got up on national television, against a terrible team, and proclaimed their entrance into the Andrew Wiggins Sweepstakes. There was a little bit of everything on display; a smorgasbord of ineptitude, if you will.

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